Jennifer Lyne is a founder of Sharpshooter Pictures, a film and video production company.

Lyne wrote and produced two feature films in distribution that ran theatrically in New York City, Off the Hook, distributed by the Weinstein Company, Netflix and Starz, and and Loudmouth Soup, distributed by Vanguard Cinema, Netflix and Hulu. 

Reviews for Off the Hook

"Powerful and sensitive, rarely a false moment, an arresting debut. Unlike most inner-city stories that come out of Hollywood, this feels like the real thing." ***(3 stars)

                            - The New York Daily News

"An engrossing first feature...captures the raw desperation and physical meanness of the inner city. Off the Hook is a most promising start, and audiences will be moved as well as rewarded by it." 

                           - Donald J. Levit, Film Threat

"Arresting performances...Reminiscent of Cassavetes. Off the Hook is much more successful than most other films that deal with daily life in the projects."

                           - The Chicago Reader

"Admirable and timely."

                           - The Hollywood Reporter

"Brings drama, urgency and a haunting poignance."

                            - The New York Film and Video Monitor

"A gritty, moving film."

                           - The New York Post

Reviews for Loudmouth Soup

"Excellent performances..."

                            - New York Magazine

"Sly barbs are as plentiful as martini olives."

                            - The New York Times